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Why You Should Focus on a Passive Income

A passive online income is the second best stream of income you can have, where the best stream of income would be a $100 million jackpot, or is it? I would say that a passive income of $500 a day which you have earned by HARD online work (online work is hard but worth it!) feels way better to see pouring into your bank account rather than receiving money from a lucky jackpot. Don’t you agree? The satisfaction and proudness you feel when you are successfully earning money on the business you have built is a feeling that you definitely want to experience.

How to Get a Passive Income

In order to get a passive income you have to get people to sign up under your affiliate link and then have them spend or earn money which will give you a commission of their spent or earned money. The commission is usually around 5-20 % where some networks offer up to 70 % commission rate. The hard work is getting people to sign up under your affiliate link. But let me tell you, the feeling when your first affiliate has earned you your first dollar is amazing, not to mention when they have earned you $100 while you have been doing absolutely nothing.

  1. Get your affiliate link for your chosen niche and network
  2. Promote said affiliate link
  3. $$$


What to Promote?

We need to start promoting a niche. If you don’t mind adult work I would recommend this niche as it is very profitable and easy to promote. Let me put this industry in black and white for you. The porn industry generates around $13 billion ($13 000 000 000) per year in the US alone.  If you would just reach out to 0,1% of those customers you would be earning $13 M per year.

This is what I am doing and it is working (not in such a huge scale that I am earning $13 M per year though). I am searching for females who would be interested in working as an adult cam performer (cam whore). I then redirect them to InternetModeling which is a website where they can make a job application to become a webcam model.

When they have passed the application process and started working they will usually earn around $100-500 per day and your commission will be 10 % when working as an affiliate/agent with InternetModeling. That is a passive $10-50 per day from just one model. You can have as many models as you want, say you have 10 models working for you which would statistically net you $100-500 per day. Or if you take this serious and have 100 models working for you, you would statistically earn $1000-5000 per day or $30 000-150 000 per month. There are people who are earning these sick kind of money and there is nothing stopping you from becoming one of them. Internet is powerful in many ways and I would strongly advice anyone interested in earning huge amounts of money to use the opportunity of what internet has to offer. We are living in a time where it’s extremely easy to earn money on the internet as long as you know what you are doing, and that’s exactly what you will be learning on this blog.

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  1. Does this mean the world richest man became rich thanks to the internet? I mean if you can earn TENS OF THOUSANDS of money each day that would make ya filthy rich.

    1. Considering Bill Gates (the richest man in the world) invented Microsoft it would probably be safe to say that he would not be the world’s richest man today if it wasn’t for the internet. So yes, I would say that one of the key factors for the world’s richest man’s great success is thanks to the internet.

      Earning tens of thousands of dollars per day is a great goal to have and it is not extremely uncommon that people are earning this amount of money off the internet.

      It really sounds like I am trying to sell you some internet. I am.

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