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I Am Getting Rich, About Me and Why I Started This Blog

Who Is Behind This Website?

I am a 22 year old guy from Finland who is trying to enjoy my life. And by enjoy my life I mean not getting up at 07:00 in the morning in order to have 8+ hours of pain in front of me. I really envy people who day out and day in does this. They get out of their bed in the morning and goes to that job they hate. I have decided that I am not going to do this with my life.

Of course I can not speak for everybody as there are people who loves their job and wouldn’t trade it for anything. As long as you are happy with your life you are on the right track!

I am not going to spend around 50 % of the time I am awake on a job that I don’t like. That’s why I am getting a job that I do like, being an internet marketer working from home. Earning more money than I would ever earn with a “normal” job.

Are You Rich Yet?

No, I am not. But I will be. I have been working on and off with internet marketing for the past couple years. I am currently earning a salary of a normal job just from internet marketing and it is fairly passive. Today I woke up at 11:00 and the sun was shining. I had my morning coffee out on the porch with a strong sun shining directly on me. It was hotter than my coffee.

Anyway, internet is where it is. This is where you can get rich easily. The reason for this is that almost 50 % of the world population is connected to the internet, around 3 billions to be more precise. And the beauty of this is that you can get in touch with all those billions of users. The traffic on internet is enormous and it is lightning fast. Things have changed and we are not living in the 90’s anymore where you had to work hard at your 9-5 job if you wanted to get anywhere in life.

New times are better times.

Can I Become Rich with You?

Yes, the whole purpose of this blog is to help other people enjoy their life just as much as I enjoy mine. You have the right to. Actually I am not doing this just for you. I am doing this because I will earn money with you. The more money you earn, the more money I will be earning as well. It is in my very best interest to help you earn as much money as possible as this also will benefit me.

I will be posting affiliate links on this blog to various tools that I recommend. No bullshit tools, just tools that I use and know that are working as intended. I will also recommend the best affiliate networks to work with. Our journey starts here today.

It might seem confusing that I will be earning around 5 % of what you are earning (provided that you signed up under my affiliate link) when you registered an account at your chosen network or website. I am NOT “taking” 5 % of your earnings. It is the network / company you are working for that is bearing the 5 % cost which is being sent to me. They are the ones losing 5 % of their income, not you.

If you want to there is nothing stopping you from being a leech by removing the affiliate link in the URLs I am posting. Of course I don’t want you to do this and there is no reason for you to do it either since you will be earning the exact same amount of money if you sign up under my link than if you would not be signing up under my affiliate link. In fact, some of the affiliate links will give you a discount or a kind of bonus if you sign up under them. This is a way for the companies to reward me and you for working with them.

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      I am currently writing a guide on how to earn money in a profitable niche which you will be able to read next week.

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