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Hello and welcome. My name is Tim, I’m a 23 year old guy from Finland who is living the dream. Working from home and my life is just straight up great! I’m not a fucking life guru who will give you some bullshit guide on how to live your life in exchange of your money. Nor will I tell you about some ancient religious bullshit. What I’m going to explain is connected to science only. Facts. Science. Reality. The world you live in, you know. I follow logic and I’m trying to be as logic as possible. Clicking is simply a term for connecting your reward center in the brain to logic which will make you feel good when you do logical things because your reward center will release dopamine whenever you do logical things. Just like your reward center is releasing dopamine every time you do things that you currently like. I’m very happy, and you can be too, simply by clicking, which is someting I believe every human in the world should do. The earth is currently broken due to how we humans who live here are acting. We could easily fix that by making every human in the world click, which is the true nature of how it should be. The reason for that is logically explained in the link above, and it all makes sense. If your life doesn’t make sense at the moment, I deeply suggest you to read the clicking guide. It’s the absolute best thing you can do right now unless you already clicked.

The only reason why I created this website was to earn money by doing something I’m interested in doing, which includes creating websites and using my computer like the nerd I am. The absolute main reason why I made this website was because of money. Money money money. Nowadays (after I clicked) I don’t care about money. So why don’t I just shut down this website then you ask? Because I believe it’s very logical for me to keep using this website in order to earn money. I can use the money I earned from this website to help other people in this world who are in much more need of money than I am. Of course I care about money to the extent that it keeps me safe by providing food on my table and a roof over my head. Internet connection, clothes, toothbrush, gas for my car when I go shopping, insurance and all that jazz that require money. If you are curious about how this website generates money it’s from commission I earn from affiliate links that I am spamming in all my articles. So the main goal for the articles is no to help the reader, the main goal is to make money. However the second goal is to help the reader so that means the articles do actually have value for the reader. Win-win!

The only reason why I am where I am today is because I clicked. Before I clicked I was working a 9-5 shift job and it was killing me. I absolutely hated it and my life was not how I wanted it to be even though I had no money issues and I lived in a big house and had all things I could think of.

“If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” – I was extremely sceptical to clicking when I first heard it because it sounds like some hokus pokus bullshit cult. It’s not. This is an exception. It’s NOT to good to be true. It is true! Don’t take my word for it, be sceptical about it but just read the damn article. It takes 20 minutes and I guarantee you it’s the best 20 minutes you have spent in your entire life. No matter if you are 0 years old or 150. Just fucking do it!

I have unclicked

And I hate being back to having comfort as my core value. It sucks. I’m back to having a lot of dissonance in my head almost all the time and I’m not nearly as productive as I was when I had logic as core value. I didn’t unclick voluntarily and anyone who have clicked would agree with not wanting to unclick voluntarily. It happened automatically over time. A few weeks after I clicked I noticed that the power of the click had gradually decreased. I experienced more and more dissonance every day that went by, and finally I am pretty certain that I just unclicked and I’m now back to having comfort as my core value. I believe it was over one month ago since I unclicked so I’ve been back to this comfort shit for the past month, I guess. My memory is not so good, mj…

Why I unclicked

Anyway I kinda know why I unclicked. Everyone who clicked at the time I clicked was bound to unclick. Because everyone was clicking selfishly as that was the only way of clicking that people were aware of. A few weeks after I clicked there were some more insight in the whole clicking thing, which was that clicking is not going to stick with people. Everyone will eventually fall back to their previous core value a few weeks after clicking. This is due to people clicking selfishly. The new insights were that there is two ways of clicking; selfishly and selflessly. We were clicking for the wrong reasons. We were clicking in order to have good experiences, hence being selfish.

The “right” way to click is selflessly. You should click because it’s the most responsible thing to do, NOT because you want to live a happy life full of good experiences for you. The funny thing here is that you don’t have to give up having a happy life when clicking selflessly. You will even have a better life than you currently have if you click selflessly, because you will never ever have the urge to eat unhealthy food or to lay on the sofa watching Netflix. Instead of wasting hours on your phone looking at worthless Instagram photos or reading articles on Reddit that doesn’t gain you anything good in return (there are important things to read on Reddit, but it’s a lot of pure time wasting junk on there as well), you would spend that time doing something productive instead. Something that would contribute to making this world a better place. And you would WANT to do it. That’s the thing. You would want to be responsible and do good things if you clicked selflessly just as much as you currently enjoy laying on the sofa, eating shitty food, gaming or whatever your daily cravings are.

So why don’t I just click selflessly?

Because I can’t. I have tried to meditate on this and made a few attempts at clicking selflessly a few times. However I can’t do it because I have a huge mental block. If I would click selflessly it would mean that I would kill my own mother in order to save 1 million children in Africa. Sadly, I would just refuse to kill my mother for the kids. It’s very selfish of me and I understand that logically it would be better to save 1 million lives in exchange of one life. But no, I am a selfish fuck going against reality at the moment. I want to change that, but i can’t. Especially with my next thought experiment; If I would click selflessly and be prompted with an ultimatum by Trump:

Trump: Tim, if you agree to be tortured for eternity I will not blow up the whole world. If not, then say good bye to humanity when I press the nuke button.

I know that this isn’t a realistic example, but it’s a thought experiment in order to understand the selfless click.

I would let the whole fucking world die, including me. A selfless clicker should agree to be tortured for eternity in order to save the world. Hell, a selfless clicker would even agree to be tortured in eternity in order to save 1 million people.

I wouldn’t. But I think that should be the right thing to do.

I don’t know man, I’m just waiting for more information regarding this whole clicking thing. I know it’s real and I keep my eyes open for more insights about this as it’s very interesting. However thinking about it with the current information I have is just making me experience more dissonance.


If you want to contact me, please email me at [email protected]


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